picking a web domain - what are you trying to do?

are you picking a web domain for a business website? personal blog? school project?
MisfitPickle.com might be a fun domain for a blog, but not your work resume
picking a web domain means picking a SUITABLE web domain
if you're a lawyer, you may want LAWYER in the domain - theRiversideLawyer.com for ex - this helps search engines find and return your site when people search for that word
be realistic
not likely you'll find- or if it's available, be able to afford- girl.com- or redheadgirls or prettyredheadgirls.com
(the most in-demand web domain TLD is dot com, by the way)
so don't get your heart set on lobster.com- you may have to make do with LobsterDinnersInTulsa.com
be creative
all the good domains are taken? NOT! -be creative
i recently got the web domain theShoulderBlade.com - not a bad domain for a chiropractor
i also picked up mortgageBrokersHomepage.com, newYorkNyDating.com, HowToGetDomains.com & WebDomainsCheap.com
-Oh, AND i also got pickingAWebDomain.com, which is what you're reading now
so Be Creative. keep brainstorming
remember google
& yahoo, msn... these all are popular domains because the companies got popular BEFORE the domains did
if your new company's called Twoofee, you might want to pick the web domains Twoofee.com & TwoofeeRestaurant.com
- you can try a site at each. once your company's a hit, you can go with one domain - & have the other resolve to it, so users can always find you
the dot-nots
some think anything other than dot coms - dot org, dot net & so on - aren't any good
dot coms are most in-demand, but i've never had a problem with others - i've had great success, in fact
dashes & summing up
dashes in web domains can be tricky, because users may forget the domains HAVE dashes
i-love-domains may suit your needs, but ilovedomains will likely be worth more $ -and, as a result, be harder to nab.
so, there's nothing wrong with dashes or the dot-nots. just realize the pros & cons before picking one

once you're done picking your domain, buy it from a domain seller then get it hosted by a hoster
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